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 Simon George Mpata
1942 - 1984
Mpata Safari Club was established in 1992, named after the great Tanzanian artist Simon George Mpata (1942-1984) whose paintings are held in high esteem world-wide.

The key person for the establishment of Mpata Safari Club was a Japanese editor for magazines who came to Kenya to feature the Masai Mara.
During his stay in Kenya the editor happened to meet Mpata's paintings that had never attracted public attention.
For the editor, however, it was a masterpiece. He felt the soul of Africa from the simple but vigorous painting of Mpata.
So the editor wanted to expose Mpata's paintings to public, he held a private exhibition of Mpata in New York. Mpata's works were highly valued then.
Later the editor also planned to hold private exhibitions of Mpata in Japan with Mpata himself attending, however, sadly he died a year earlier.

Although Mpata passed away, those who had been deeply impressed by his paintings including the editor kept Mpata's spirit alive eternally by establishing Mpata Safari Club.
Not only did Simon George Mpata leave his paintings, but he also left his essence in many people.
Mpata Safari Club is perched right on top of the Oloololo escarpment beside the Masai Mara National Reserve, where wildlife is not restricted to within the boundaries. The adjacent areas, where the Club is located, have excellent game-viewing opportunities, and there are also community ranches where wildlife mingles with cattle ranching.
  • Latitude: 1° 12' S
  • Longitude: 35° 2' E
  • Altitude: 1,820m (5,971ft)