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NATURE WALK by Mpata Safari Club
Our naturalist will take you within the Mpata compound. He will give you detailed information on plants, birds and other small animals. This takes about 1.5 hours. An extended nature walk going to the Mara river, which takes about 2.5 hours, is also available.
» Duration: approx.1.5-2.5hours, starting at 10:00AM
Mpata compound $20 per adult $10 per child
To and from the Mara river $40 per adult $20 per child
You can visit a maasai village to see their traditional life. Photography is NOT prohibited here. A maasai guide at the village will escort and explain to you in English about their lives. It takes about 2 hours including the return transfers by us.
» Duration: approx.2hours, starting at 10:00AM
$35 per adult $20 per child
BEADWORK by Mpata Safari Club
A maasai lady will give you a lecture on how to make a beaded bracelet at our library. It will be one of your souvenirs once completed. The lecture takes about 3 hours.
» Duration: approx.3hours, starting at 10:00AM
$30 per adult $15 per child
Float in the breeze over the Savannah in a balloon that give you a unique vantage point and toast your return to earth with a champagne breakfast. You will also have a game drive about 2.5hours on the way back to the club.
» Duration: approx.5.5-6hours including about 1hr flight, starting at around 5:00AM
Periods Price per adult Price per child
(8 to 11 years old)
Approx. 6 hrs vary vary

You can visit the Lake Victoria for a day excursion to enjoy either bird-watching along the lakeshore or fishing for Nile perch or simply relaxing by the lake at Mfangano Island Camp. Only a 45 minute flight from the Masai Mara can make your holiday even memorable!
» Duration: approx.8hours (1day), starting at 6:00AM or 8:00AM
Period Price per adult Price per child
(under 12years old)
Approx. 8Hrs vary vary
MAASAI WEDDING by Mpata Safari Club
You can hold a marriage ceremony following Maasai tradition under a fig tree believed by the locals that the couple vow eternal devotion to each other under the tree will last forever. The maasai elder and his wife with maasai warriors will be attended the wedding.
* For further information and a booking of the wedding, please contact the reservations at least 1 month ahead of your arrival.
Apart from balloon safaris and Maasai wedding, bookings of all optional activities are to be made after checking in.

Terms and conditions
1) The schedule of an optional activity might be changed or confirmed bookings of any optional activity might be cancelled subject to weather.
2) When you decide to go for an optional activity at the duration of a scheduled game drive, we consider you renounced your claim to go for the game drive scheduled and included in the package, and is not refundable.
3) You might not be able to go for an optional activity due to over-booking.
4) As a general rule, you are not able to go for an optional activity on the day of checking in and checking out.
5) First come first served basis is applicable at all times.
6) You shall settle the activity fee upon checking out with all the other extra bills.
7) A child is under 12 years of age unless stated.