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A visa is required prior to entry into Kenya. Citizens of the following countries need to have a visa prior to arrival in Kenya; Afghanistan, Jordan, Senegal, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Somali, Armenia, Mali, Syria, Cameroon, North Korea, Tajikistan, Iraq, Nigeria (residing outside Nigeria), Ivory Coast and Stateless Persons.
* Note: The list of countries shown above is subject to change.

For those whose country doesn't appear in the list above, visas can be obtained at the Airport upon arrival. A single Entry Visa (valid for three months from date of issue and extendable for another three months) will cost US$50. A transit visa will cost US$ 20. It's advisable to obtain the visa from the Kenya Embassy/High Commission in your country prior to departure.
Visitors to Kenya are advised to take out a comprehensive medical insurance policy to cover them for all emergencies, including evacuation. Take several copies of your insurance documents with you (and leave one at home) and make a separate note of the contact number for claims.

*All travel documentation should be kept together securely. This should include tickets, Passports (with appropriate visa entries), Health Certificates, and Travel Insurance documents. However, photocopies of Passport, Air ticket and traveler's check numbers should be brought and packed separately.
Please note that travelling from Nairobi by air, baggage allowance is strictly 15kg per passenger, inclusive of hand luggage in soft bags. Furthermore, a large suitcase might be refused by the airline company and excess baggage will be charged at prevailing rates and only carried subject to space availability, so that it is advisable to carry a small soft bag less than 67x51cm.
A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if arriving in Kenya from an infected area, but no other vaccinations or immunizations are required by law in Kenya, although some are advisable.
CURRENCY: The unit of currency is Kenya Shilling (KSh). Bank notes are available in denominations of KSh 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 while KSh 1, 5, 10, 20 and 40 are available in coins.
At Mpata Safari Club, cash (Kenya Shilling, US dollar, Sterling Pound and Euro) and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard ONLY) are accepted.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Foreign currency exchange to Kenya Shilling is available at the Club, however, if you prepare small notes of US dollar, it will make your billing easier.
NOTE: In Kenya, US Dollar issued before 1999 will not be accepted.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi is the main airport for scheduled international flight from all international airports.

There are regular services from Nairobi and Mombasa by several domestic airlines to Masai Mara including our nearest airstrip named "Kichwa Tembo Airstrip" near the Oloololo Gate. From Kichwa Tembo Airstrip to the Club is approx.15km, a drive of about half an hour.

From Wilson airport in Nairobi AirKenya or SafariLink have regular services every day. For more information, please contact the airline company.
Note: In Nairobi there are two airports namely Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and Wilson Airport. JKIA is the main airport for scheduled international flights, while Wilson Airport handles light aircraft and schedules and also chartered domestic flights for Masai Mara.

Nairobi Wilson Airport
(45-90min. depending on the route taken)
Masai Mara Kichwa Tembo Airstrip
| (approx.30min. by car)
Mpata Safari Club